The Beats Headphone brand has been such a success in terms of sails for various reasons. For instance, Beats are used as fashion accessories. Also, Beats has been publicised and endorsed by many famous people in many different industries in their advertising campaigns. For example, the Beats Headphones has been shown in Lady Gaga’s hit “Poker Face” and in NBA locker rooms, including around LeBron James’s Neck. They increased wealth for the Beats brand to see triple digit sales. In addition, before Beats were made, listening to low quality sound on MP3 devices were the norm, but when Beats were introduced, it revolutionised the way we hear things and it was a unique product that was made for us to hear things.

In order for Beats to maintain market dominance, they are releasing new products (such as the Beats sportswear range) and using famous personalities such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner in their advertising campaigns.


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