Production of a Perfume Advert

My specific brand and product I am going to advertise is a male fragrance called “Chez Naïveté” by the brand J.M.  I have chosen the name “Chez Naïveté” as it means natural simplicity in French. This also correlates to the ‘feeling’ you would receive if you wore this fragrance.

The values attached to my brand consist of my brand being high in luxury and quality. Moreover, the ideology associated with my brand consists of it being only for the rich.

My primary target audience is for young men around the age of 18-21. I have chosen this as at this age, you would want to be considered ‘different’ than the rest and would want to be seen as a high value as if you wore this fragrance, you would be seen as high value person. My secondary target audience would be middle aged men as the brand is high class, they would want to be seen wearing this high valued fragrance.

The needs I will be targeting in the audience according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is the need for esteem as it implies that if you buy this product, you’ll be more confident and receive respect from others. The dominant colour would be green as it connotes to peace and harmony and it refers back to the title of the fragrance which is natural simplicity. The secondary predominant colour would be white as it connotes to elegance and simplicity. The word ‘Natural’ connotes to peace and Greenland which is green.

In my advertisement, I will use Pathos as a persuasive technique as it provokes an emotional response within the consumer which makes the consumer want the product more.

A male model will be featured in the advertisement. My male model will be slightly younger than the target audience. He will be the stereotypical male model with a chiselled face with a sly, bold and simple facial expression. In many male fragrance advertisements, the model is usually a white male. My fragrance advertisement follows this stereotype.

My print advert does have a narrative which is the model standing in a forest looking up at the northern lights with a motorbike in the background, giving the audience an indication on how he has travelled to this scenery. The northern lights are green. I have chosen to set my advert in the northern lights as it is an unusual scenery to look at and it is also unique. It also connects to the colours of my advertisement that I wanted; green and white.

My slogan will just be “Por Homme” as it tells the audience that it is for men and it also links with the fact that my name of my fragrance is also in French.

My overall message I am getting across to the consumer is that if you buy this fragrance, you will feel out of this world and unordinary.

I would place my advert in men’s health advertisements such as ‘Men’s Health’ as it contrasts with my target audience.



^My scenery in the background


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